Art of Writing Part V: Where to Write

Eating placeThroughout this series we have covered why writing is important, how to write well, what to write, and when to write. Today is the last instalment in the series, and I will be sharing some thoughts on where you can write. Although, of course, I do not claim to have an almighty knowledge of every great writing place, I think that there are some overarching characteristics that are present in any good writing location.

What makes a good writing location? Ultimately, the ideal location will change based upon what type of writing you are working on, how much writing you plan to do, and where you are in your writing. Writing is inherently thoughtful, and the vast majority of people think best when they are in a quiet setting. Of course, others like to have the stimulus of a busy city or rushing people in order to gain inspiration for their work.

On the one hand, if I am writing an analysis of Platonism’s influence on Christian thought, I will obviously want a silent location. Furthermore, I will want a location where I can easily find material related to my topic. I would probably choose a library or an isolated coffee shop with free wifi to do my writing.

If, on the other hand, I was working on a novel, which would require me to write for extended periods of time, I would probably eliminate the coffee shop from my list of locations, and I would possibly travel to some of the locations where scenes in my book take place. I think it is easier to capture a location when you are standing where your characters are standing.

New technology, thankfully, allows us to travel to distant locations virtually. If my novel is set in Paris, I could use a program such as Google Earth to look at the location and view 3D models of the buildings.

Library 3

Working from home is usually a good option, but sometimes the house is just too noisy, sometimes we need to look up resources on our topic, or sometimes we just need inspiration. I would encourage you to get familiar with your local library, coffee shops, parks, and nature preserves.

Writing is fun, but it is work. If we seriously want to write, we ought to treat it professionally. We ought to learn the tricks of the trade.

Through this series we have covered all of the basics – the why, how, what, when, and where. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with us. We love hearing from others, and we would love to hear about some locations that you have found particularly conducive to writing.

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