Introducing Owen Stroud

If you’ve been reading the Thinkers Incorporated site closely, then you’ll know that we’re rapidly approaching our 50th blog post since our January launch.

Since that time we’ve grown…

As a logical continuation of our mission we’ve been looking for other individuals who share similar ideals and goals. Writers who could express themselves eloquently and who were gutsy enough to tackle tough subjects in an intelligent manner. After much vetting and discussion we’re proud to introduce the newest contributing author to Thinkers Incorporated, Owen Stroud.

Who is this guy?

Owen Stroud

Owen Stroud

I’m delighted you asked (>> insert dripping satire <<). My earliest memory is a drugged-up, wide-eyed youth fresh from a surgical operating room where only hours previously doctors had mended his broken arm (or was it his wrist?). Since that time I’ve had the unique opportunity to watch Owen develop not only as a speaker and a writer, but as a thinker.

In his own words Owen is best described as:

A rising junior at Texas A&M University, Owen is passionate about worldview, philosophy, orthodoxy, mystery, and (apparently) commas. When he’s not blogging or cramming for class, he’s usually jamming on the piano or mandolin, songwriting, savoring great music, reading theology, translating Latin, enjoying a good game of Scrabble, or cooking something absolutely bizarre for supper.

With that said, be looking for Owen’s articles each Friday. I have a hunch you’ll like (or hate) what you’ll read.

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