Why I am Excited About School

writing-104091_1920School is coming back, the summer is over, and it is time for countless students to dig back into their books. There are probably a lot of kids feeling rather melancholy due to this, but I am excited that school is back. I will miss the freedom of life without classes, the warm summer nights, the lake, and all of the other good things that come with the season, but I am looking forward to my classes nonetheless.

Although I’m not exactly thrilled about physics, I am beyond excited about worldview, a class that blends history, philosophy, religious studies, literature, and advanced composition all together into one unified study. I am also anticipating pre-calculus because, honestly, I am bored of doing algebra, and I hope that this will be a little more challenging for me.

As I have progressed through high school, it has been really interesting to see the big picture come together. Seeing the culmination of western thought, art, culture, industry, history, tradition, and, well, life forming into the present day, into the modern world, has been awe inspiring, though somewhat sad as well. You would think that perhaps we would have learned to think and act a little bit more rationally, but we still live in a culture fraught with inconsistent ideologies and actions.

I’m a philologist, to state the obvious. The idea of discovering new ideas and developing a deeper understanding of the world, physical, spiritual, and conceptual, around me is very appealing. Also, seeing how ideas have been woven throughout history and where they came from is breathtakingly beautiful to me.

Call me a nerd, but trust me, I will be having a lot more fun this school year than the kids who are too cool for school. I haven’t always loved learning. It took me a long time and a lot of frustration before I began to appreciate ideas, knowledge, and wisdom, but I am so glad that I eventually did learn to love them. I know that I will be having a grand ole time this school year, and I hope that you will too. So, here’s to learning!

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