How Nature Glorifies God

IMG_2066More than likely, we’ve all heard the verse which says that the heavens declare the glory of God. Indeed, many of us could probably point to several different verses in the Bible which discuss nature and how it relates to God. However, in our modern times, I feel that many people have become distant from nature, that they no longer appreciate it and that they cannot see how it points to God.

Every time that I hear someone saying that they hate nature or that it is boring, a little piece of me dies inside. I love nature. It is beautiful, complex, and diverse. It is full of life.

As a boy, I spent the vast majority of my time outdoors. Growing up on a ranch, I was surrounded by nature, and because I was home schooled, I had an abundance of time to explore it. Back then, my two favorite activities were reading and exploring the ranch. I did both ceaselessly.

My love for nature, in fact, led me to pour over my botany, zoology, and astronomy textbooks, and I soaked up every last concept of chemistry and physics that I could understand. Indeed, once I understood something, I would get so excited that I absolutely had to tell everyone about everything that I had learned.

A walk with a friend was never just a walk. I would point out all the different types of grasses, flowers, trees, and animals. I would also discuss their biology, migratory patterns, food, etc.

In short: I have always had an affinity for nature. So what about it made me love it so much?

First, it is beautiful. There are all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, smells, personalities, etc. Butterflies, flowers, birds, fawns, mice, turtles, rainbows, and snow, to name a few, are all nearly universally considered beautiful, and nature is teeming with them.

Second, it is complex. On a macroscopic scale, the world is very complex, but it gets even more complex as you zoom in. Ecosystems, animal relationships, proteins, molecules, atoms, and so forth are all incredibly complex. It impossible to fully understand any one of these things.

Third, nature is incredibly diverse. One pond on my ranch had ribbon snakes, diamondback water snakes, water moccasins, three different species of turtle,┬ádragonfly larvae,┬áTriops longicaudatu, water fleas, water skaters, pond snails, water boatmen, mayfly larvae, and a bunch of creatures that I don’t know the names of. Of course, that was just one pond.

Fourth, nature is constantly revitalizing itself. The rain pours from the clouds, evaporates, and repeats. An animal dies, decomposes, and fertilizes plants which are in turn eaten by animals who then die and start the process over again. There is always this balance and hardiness in nature, at least when left in its natural state.

The fact that there is so much beauty, complexity, diversity, and life in nature speaks to the creativity, foresight, and power of our God. To design such a system, and for it to work so well, is a magnanimous task. Whether you believe that God used evolution to bring about the world as it is now or that God did it all in six days, nature cries out that our God is an amazing God.

Note: Both pictures are taken by me on my ranch. I wanted to post more, but couldn’t justify it. If you want to see more, you should check out my instagram and blog.


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