Learning to Appreciate That Which Does Not Appeal to My Tastes

Macklemore_The_Heist_Tour_1_croppedI have very select tastes. In art, music, fashion, movies, books, and so forth, I am very picky about what I consume. However, over the course of the last few months, I have been learning to appreciate that which does not suit my predispositions. I do not enjoy these things per se, but I am learning to see that which is of value in them.

To illustrate my meaning, let’s look at my music tastes. Of all musical genres, rap has the least appeal to me, and I often find it repulsive. Even so, there are some raps which I have come to love. I love them because I have found something beautiful in them – truth.

One of the raps that I have come to value is Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This song is really a discussion of gender stereotypes, treatment of homosexuals, and loving all of God’s children the same. Although I very adamantly disagree with some of what Macklemore says, there is some truth in his lyrics. I am of the opinion that truth is beautiful, so I cannot help but appreciate the truth which he has uncovered.

Another rap that I have come to appreciate is┬áNot Afraid by Eminem. Again, although I may disagree with some of his lyrics and I find his profanity distasteful, the song is ultimately about raising the bar and choosing to do what is right. Eminem doesn’t get all the way down to the truth of the matter, but seldom does anyone, and there is value in the truth which he has found.

In general, rap is too rambunctious, profane, and unclassical for my tastes, but I cannot write the genre off as wholly bad. There is some truth in many raps, and that truth has value. I may not like rap, but I do appreciate truth, wherever I may find it.

In like manner, I have come to appreciate some modern art. Although a lot of it is just meaningless fluff which does not convey any truth at all, there is some which still has value either because it stands as a testament to the creativeness of human beings, and consequently to that of God, or because it does convey truth, even if it does so in a way that is very open to interpretation.

As I step into the new year, I am excited to see the growth which has already taken place. I am even more excited, though, to see how much more I will grow and how much more I will learn. As I step into the new year, I will look for truth, not just in the areas that are comfortable to me, but everywhere, and I will love it when I find it.

I am a critic. I am a judge. I am inclined to write things off without taking the time to find that which is of value in them. However, I am learning. I am growing. I am beginning to appreciate.

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