Is Apple Losing Its Edge?

DeathtoStock_Wired10After Apple announced the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch yesterday, its stocks promptly began to lose value. In fact, Forbes blogger Brett Arends calculated that Apple lost 30 billion dollars in value after the announcement. Since yesterday, there have been hundreds of articles, tweets, and blog posts claiming that Apple has lost its edge and no longer will be able to stand strong against the competition. So is Apple really on the decline?

I doubt it.

First, the company’s philosophy sets it apart from the competition. Instead of focusing on launching novelties and filling spec sheets, Apple has always striven for quality. Apple was not the first to create an MP3 player, use touch screens, or make a tablet. However, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad dominate the market.

You don’t have to be the first one off the starting line. The tortoise beat the hare, after all. Apple may not be the first to produce phones with big screens or to create a smart watch, but that’s not what Apple got where it is today. Instead, it will do those things better than anyone else.

Second, only Apple has the power to do what it does. Critics boast that Google has had Google Wallet for years and that Apple Pay is only just now being released. Let me ask you this, how many times have you used Google Wallet to do what Apple Pay will do? Probably never. However, now that Apple has moved into this sector, it will take off.

Other companies may be the first to the draw, but it doesn’t matter if their guns aren’t loaded. Apple has the sway to make something like Apple Pay take off. It has huge market share, and when millions of iPhone users are given the ability to give companies money through their phones, those companies are going to suddenly become very accommodating.

Finally, Apple will succeed because it excels where so many other tech companies fall flat. Other companies struggle to design a compelling user interface and general aesthetic, but Apple products are both intuitive and beautiful. Sure, the iPhone might not be as customizable as an android, but it sure is a lot easier to use. For most people, that’s enough.

Too many people who analyze the tech world are techies. When the average man goes to buy a phone, he is going to be drawn to what is easiest, most familiar, and most aesthetically pleasing. He will then look at spec sheets and reviews to justify what he already has set his mind on. Although other companies may offer products with better CPUs, GPUs, screens, or cameras, Apple offers products that are easy to use, they feel familiar, and they look good, so Apple will come out on top.

To the doubters, I don’t think Apple is done. It has too much going for it. See you after the next product release.

Written on my iPhone.

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