The Mission

Thinkers Incorporated is a unique blog devoted to the study and application of effective reasoning. With the purpose of promoting rational thought, inspiring a love for thinking, and spreading ideas worth contemplating, Thinkers Incorporated is regularly updated and promises new material for your scrutiny each week.

Regardless of your political party, religious persuasion, or social background, if you have a good idea, Thinkers Incorporated is open to discuss it. It is our hope to educate and enlighten anyone who is thirsty for knowledge, wisdom, and contemplation. We’re open to all discussions, so long as they maintain a rational and logical basis.

Thinkers Incorporated currently has four authors, Joseph Clarkson, Luke Adams, Owen Stroud, and our consultant, Paul Hastings. Although our ideas and beliefs are quite different, we each believe that it is important for our generation to have honest, logical discussions.

So sit up straight and think critically as we promote, inspire, and spread ideas worth thinking.

The Editor

JOSEPH CLARKSON founded Thinkers Incorporated alongside Paul Hastings and Luke Adams in January of 2013. He is currently studying at Philosophy, Psychology, and Art History through the University Scholars program at Baylor University. During high school, Joseph qualified to nationals in three different debate leagues, placing second twice in public forum debate. You can find him on InstagramTwitter, and his personal  blog.

The Contributors

ANNA MACDONALD is a junior at the University of Dallas, studying pre-law and political philosophy. When not reading or writing, Anna enjoys music, playing sports and trying new things. She loves to travel and takes every possible opportunity to do so. She is passionate about discovering the truth and fascinated by philosophy, culture, and cross cultural perspectives.
JOSHUA IMKEN is a freshman at LeTourneau University. He has been an attorney at the Williamson County YMCA Teen Court, a chess champion, a theater actor, and an occasional writer for Thinkers Incorporated.

The Authors Emeritus

LUKE ADAMS is currently studying politics at Hillsdale College. He is a recent homeschool graduate with a passion for deep thinking and desire to learn. As a child, he would spend his spare time burying himself in the family encyclopedia. Luke is interested in military history and is a devout music-listener. He enjoys reading books by Cornelius Ryan and giving ear to whatever classic rock is holding his fancy.

OWEN STROUD, a junior at Texas A&M University, is passionate about and fascinated by worldview, philosophy, orthodoxy, mystery, and (apparently) commas. When he’s not blogging or cramming for class, he’s usually jamming on the piano, guitar, or mandolin, songwriting, savoring great music, reading theology, translating Latin, enjoying a good game of Scrabble, or cooking something absolutely bizarre for supper. He blogs independently at Nunc Pro Aeternitate.