5 Culture and Lifestyle Websites Worth Your Time

keyboardHave some spare time? You should check out these websites. If you are interested in anything from art to forming good habits, these sites will have something worthy of your time.


I’ve been following this website since I was thirteen, and it has not let me down yet. It consistently posts interesting, high quality content. Although Lifehacker is somewhat focused on science and technology, it also shares many great tips for living well. From building good habits to managing your finances, this website has you covered.

Relevant Magazine

From movie reviews to theological discussions, Relevant Magazine is constantly pumping out content dealing with the issues faced by contemporary Christians. Since I first discovered this website a few months ago, I have poured untold hours into reading and familiarizing myself with the content and ideas which have been shared. Also, Relevant is focused on young people, so it is especially relevant for the Church today.

Ransom Fellowship

Living in our postmodern world comes with unique challenges. Ransom Fellowship helps to clarify some of the confusion with its thoughtful, discerning criticisms and guides. The website has everything from book reviews to guides for living in a non-Christian world without isolating oneself  or becoming like it.

Christ and Pop Culture

The name says it all. Christ and Pop Culture attempts to discuss pop culture from a Christ-like perspective. Rather than begin with the flaws and ugliness of pop culture, CAPC starts by seeking the good and beautiful. This process alone separates its content from most Christian cultural commentaries.

Art of Manliness

Although primarily focused on men, this website is really good for anyone. From one of the best book lists I’ve ever seen to articles discussing great men like Teddy Roosevelt, AoM is sharing content that will stretch and grow you, or at least make you think. This blog is a personal favorite of mine and will hopefully become one of yours too.


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