Can Eating Be Worshipful?

foodiesfeed.com_DSC_0012-7Have you ever wondered why God made us in such a way that we have to eat? He could have designed us in any different number of ways. Yet he chose for us to eat food.

Think about that. Food is an integral part of all of our lives, and most everyone loves it. In his goodness, God designed us to enjoy it, though he certainly didn’t have to.

Perhaps God designed eating to be for more than just sustenance. What if God designed food to be a way for us to regularly partake in His goodness? What if eating was designed to give God glory?

When we eat, we are given the opportunity to enjoy something that God intentionally designed for us to take pleasure in. When we eat, we ought to be thankful for more than just the energy that food provides. We should be thankful that eating is enjoyable and good.

It is truly a testament to God’s love for us that made the ordinary little things like eating pleasurable. Try to imagine living a life without ever tasting food. Imagine that you never experienced the sugary sweetness of caramel or the bitterness of dark chocolate. Imagine never tasting cinnamon or peppermint. You wouldn’t know the taste of peanut butter, nor would you know the taste of jam.

foodiesfeed.com_DSC_0071-2 (2)I have trouble imagining a life without the blessing of good food. Although it is such an everyday sort of thing, eating plays a huge part in our lives. It brings people together in community, and it puts a little bit of beauty into every day of our existence. When God created us, he did so purposefully, eating included.

When we appreciate things like good food, we are worshipping our creator. We are participating in his grace when we eat, and I am convinced that eating is meant to be more than just a source of nourishment. Eating can and should be a worshipful activity.

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